tracfoneMany cellphone carriers force their customers to get locked in to a multi-year contract to enjoy their service. However, many customers may instead look for a cellphone that does not carry those sorts of restrictions or expensive pricing plans. Tracfone fills that need for a no-contract carrier at a low cost for its customers. The bigger question is, where does one find the best possible Tracfone promo code which will activate top coupon deal. Yes there are promo codes and you’re crazy not to use them.

Some History on Tracfone

Tracfone Wireless markets its phones at kiosks all over the U.S. and Canada, at almost 100,000 locations. Their coverage network covers almost all of the United States – according to Tracfone’s website, over ninety-nine percent of the country. At each of these kiosks or stores or locations, Tracfone offers a wide variety of phones – from well-known carriers and of many different types – for as little as $9.99 per month. A user can get a flip phone, a camera phone, a phone with a touchscreen, even a phone with a slide-out keyboard if so desired.

Payment Plans and Airtime

Many other large national carriers require an upfront commitment of minutes and accessories such as data plans, roaming, or text services. The biggest benefit that Tracfone provides is flexibility in letting its customers decide what services are needed, and adjust them as their needs change.

tracfone coverage areas

After choosing a phone from its wide catalog, Tracfone users can choose to activate their phone online and add services. Users can also determine for themselves service plans and coverage details. Tracfone allows its customers to select a no-contract monthly value plan or prepaid airtime upon activation of their phone.

Monthly value plans are available on both an individual and family plan basis. Individual plans are available on increments of 50, 125, or 200 minutes for a thirty day period. Family plans include 50 minutes on the first primary phone line for ten dollars a month, and 40 minutes on each additional line for six dollars more per month.

More About Tracfone Coupons and Promo Codes

Both the monthly value plans and family value plans include talk, texting, web browsing, and e-mail capabilities. Text messages are billed as 0.3 minutes against previously purchased time. In addition, users can choose to enroll in a service protection plan for $5.99 per month. The service protection plan will extend the agreed upon services in case the limits are surpassed within the 30-day time period.

Users can choose, instead of enrolling in a set monthly plan, to buy airtime on an as-needed basis. This pay as you go concept will allow users to purchase anywhere from thirty to fifteen hundred minutes to add to their activated phones, with a timeframe ranging from one month to one year. The service protection plan applies here as well, allowing purchased minutes to be extended past the end date for an additional month if needed. These airtime cards can be purchased at any Tracfone location and even in many drugstores and supermarkets, as well as on Tracfone’s website.

Transferring Service to Tracfone – Porting a Current Mobile Number

It is possible to move a current, existing number to Tracfone. They allow for portability of numbers to their platform. A user will just need to have their account number, password, and contact information readily available to begin making the switch to Tracfone.

tracfone slider phone

Upon getting a Tracfone branded phone, a user can begin the porting process of a currently active phone number from another service provider. Once the user has provided Tracfone with the necessary information, the transfer process will take as little as a couple of hours. As part of the process, a user will be able to purchase airtime so that the number will remain active once it has been ported to Tracfone’s platform. It should be noted again how drastic the price difference can be with Tracfone promo codes, simply searching for one prior to ordering your phone will have a huge impact.

Customer Support

While Tracfone has an extensive retail network to help customers with their initial purchases, they do seem to be lacking a bit when it comes to supporting those customers. In browsing the support forums and elsewhere, it is easy to find many negative reviews about Tracfone’s customer service and ongoing support.

With any prepaid service, there are going to be disputes regarding the addition of services or the consumption of what has been purchased. Tracfone is no exception. There are many, many grievances about the purchase of services, some examples of which are mentioned below:

  • Customer purchase minutes or value plans, but find that the minutes or plan purchased is never connected to their phone somehow, resulting in the phone being turned off.
  • Customers find that they are being billed for more minutes and time than they actually believe they are using.
  • Customers are unable to get a hold of a live person to handle their problems.
  • Customers submit a ticket to get their problem resolved, but then do not hear back from Tracfone.
  • Customers have difficulty getting their phone to work properly, or find that the phone they purchased from Tracfone is no longer working as desired or has stopped working completely with no warning whatsoever.

go phones exampleHowever, it’s important to remember that Tracfone is great at providing a low-cost, flexible phone option because it is invests its resources into its products rather than hiring a more extensive customer service team. So while the speed of their customer service may not match a premium phone service provider, that’s how they’re able to keep their prices down. Plus, most all of these issues are ultimately resolved – it may simply take a little longer than it would with a more expensive provider. Indeed, a lot of issues do seem to be resolved within a few hours for customers.

While they strive to provide prompt service to everyone with a problem, Tracfone does not bill itself as a premium service provider. Its goal is to be a low-cost provider of phone services, giving a few-frills service to customers for a very, very low cost. This certainly does not mean that customer should completely beware signing up with Tracfone, but it does mean that Tracfone may at times have limited resources to deal with problems and may not have an immediate response.

The coverage network tends to be fairly accurate, which would be a more worrisome problem for customers. If Tracfone advertised national coverage and failed to deliver, that would be a serious concern. However, Tracfone is pretty accurate in ensuring that coverage exists for its customers across the country to use. Then you consider the value offered with a promo code and Tracfone overall and you just can’t go wrong.


Tracfone is a useful service for those who are looking for a low-cost, no frills way of maintaining a mobile line. It’s great for users on a strict budget, users who don’t need 700 to 1,000 minutes each month, and for users who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles on their plan.